• Soups 11oz

    • Hungarian goulash soup with spätzle

      Hungarian goulash soup with spätzle


      this classic hearty soup is loaded with beef, potatoes & peppers with the added bonus of spätzle

    • Creamy Bavarian potato soup

      Creamy Bavarian potato soup


      With chunks of potato & bacon, finished with cheddar cheese & scallions

    • French onion soup au gratin

      French onion soup au gratin


      caramelized onions, beef broth and a provolone cheese crust

    • Soup of the Day

      Soup of the Day


      please ask your server for details

    • Appetizers

    • Three potato pancakes

      Three potato pancakes


      served with applesauce & lingonberries

    • Giant 10 oz. imported pretzel from Munich

      Giant 10 oz. imported pretzel from Munich


      Measures 10 inches across, served with sweet & Dusseldorf-style mustard for dipping
      Add warm craft beer cheese - $13
      Load it up: add salami, Black Forest ham, Gruyere cheese, pickles and olives - $19

    • German fries

      German fries


      French fries topped with shredded sauerbraten, gravy and melted Gruyere cheese

    • Fried brie & lingonberries

      Fried brie & lingonberries


      Fingers of brie cheese breaded with almonds & fried, accompanied by seasonal fruit

    • Käsespätzle



      Tasty homemade German spaetzle tossed with bacon, onions & Gruyere cheese, then baked
      Add sliced brats - $13

    • Steak tartare

      Steak tartare


      Seasoned minced raw beef on pumpernickel (not available for take-out)

    • Black Forest ham on pumpernickel

      Black Forest ham on pumpernickel


      Dry-cured, smoked ham from the Black Forest region of Germany

    • Smoked trout

      Smoked trout


      Served with creamed horseradish & red onion

    • Hildesheimer liverwurst on pumpernickel

      Hildesheimer liverwurst on pumpernickel


      served with red onions & cornichons

    • Bavarian suelze

      Bavarian suelze


      Head cheese served with vinegar & onions

    • Garden salad

      Garden salad


      With tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & croutons with your choice of dressing: white balsamic zinfandel, ranch, bleu cheese
      With grilled chicken - $9

    • Pair of landjäger

      Pair of landjäger


      Our famous semi-dried salami sticks

    • Caesar salad

      Caesar salad


      with grilled chicken $9