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  • Cold Appetizers Display

  • Fresh vegetable crudités

    Fresh vegetable crudités

  • International cheese platter

    International cheese platter

  • Grilled vegetable antipasto plate

    Grilled vegetable antipasto plate

  • Ripe tomatoes with fresh mozzarella & basil salad

    Ripe tomatoes with fresh mozzarella & basil salad

  • Seasonal fruit platter

    Seasonal fruit platter

  • Passed Appetizers (selection starting at three)

  • Mini Chicken Empanadas

    Mini Chicken Empanadas

  • Smoked salmon canapés

    Smoked salmon canapés

  • Steak tartar canapés

    Steak tartar canapés

  • Antipasto skewers

    Antipasto skewers

  • Sesame chicken tenders

    Sesame chicken tenders

  • Spanakopita


  • Franks en croute

    Franks en croute

  • Vietnamese spring rolls

    Vietnamese spring rolls

  • Fried shrimp

    Fried shrimp

  • Italian-style mini meatballs

    Italian-style mini meatballs

  • Crab nuggets

    Crab nuggets

  • Additional Appetizer Enhancements

  • Shrimp cocktail

    Shrimp cocktail

    (Choice of individual appetizer or display) both served with our homemade cocktail sauce

  • Texas blue crab cakes

    Texas blue crab cakes

    With Old Bay remoulade sauce

  • Fried calamari

    Fried calamari

    Tender rings of calamari breaded, fried & served with a spicy tomato basil sauce

  • Stuffed cabbage

    Stuffed cabbage

    Mini cabbage rolls filled with ground beef & pork in a sweet tomato sauce

  • Additional Entrée Enhancements

  • Shrimp, sea scallops & calamari

    Shrimp, sea scallops & calamari

    Seasoned with lemon, thyme, basil & extra virgin olive oil with a dash of Old Bay seasoning & broiled

  • Shrimp fra diavolo

    Shrimp fra diavolo

    Grilled shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce

  • Mussels marinara

    Mussels marinara

    Succulent mussels simmered in a tomato sauce

  • Prime rib of beef

    Prime rib of beef

    USDA-certified choice boneless rib-eye roast served with natural juices

  • Châteaubriand


    USDA-certified choice carved beef tenderloins with a rich demi-glace reduction

  • Roast young duckling

    Roast young duckling

    Delicately roasted tender duckling served with an orange sauce

  • Rack of lamb

    Rack of lamb

    Roasted rack of lamb with a Dijon mustard herb crust

  • Stuffed veal chop

    Stuffed veal chop

    Tender veal with a bread & herb stuffing

  • Osso bucco

    Osso bucco

    Veal shanks braised in olive oil & white wine with onions, tomatoes & garlic

  • Veal Marsala

    Veal Marsala

    Veal cutlet served with a Marsala wine sauce & cremini mushrooms