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German Enhancements

  • German Appetizers

  • Homemade goulash soup

    Homemade goulash soup

    This classic hearty soup is loaded with beef, potatoes & peppers

  • Bavarian potato soup

    Bavarian potato soup

    With chunks of potato & bacon, finished with cheddar cheese & scallions

  • Steak tartar on rye bread

    Steak tartar on rye bread

    Finely chopped 100% lean raw beef seasoned with herbs and served on toast points with onions & capers

  • Tea wurst

    Tea wurst

    Fine wurst spread slightly smoked with touch of paprika served on fresh pumpernickel bread

  • Bavarian suelze

    Bavarian suelze

    Fresh head cheese served with vinegar & onions

  • Country pâté

    Country pâté

    On pumpernickel with cornichons

  • Large imported Bavarian pretzels

    Large imported Bavarian pretzels

    Served with two mustards & our homemade cream cheese spread

  • German Entrées

  • Wiener schnitzel

    Wiener schnitzel

    Traditional breaded, fried veal cutlet garnished with a fresh lemon wedge

  • Jäger schnitzel

    Jäger schnitzel

    Pan-seared veal cutlet covered by a rich brown sauce with mushrooms

  • Ziguener schnitzel

    Ziguener schnitzel

    Pan-fried veal cutlet with a creamy paprika sauce, peppers, onions & mushrooms

  • Champignon schnitzel

    Champignon schnitzel

    Traditional breaded and sautéed veal cutlet topped with a white mushroom cream sauce

  • Bratwurst plate

    Bratwurst plate

    Traditional German sausage made of pork & veal served with our homemade sauerkraut

  • Bavarian plate

    Bavarian plate

    One Kasseler rippchen (smoked pork chop), roast loin of pork and one bratwurst

  • Schweinshaxen


    Slow-roasted Bavarian pork shank in a warm craft beer sauce (pre-ordered only)

  • Beef goulash

    Beef goulash

    Tender pieces of beef in a rich tomato-based paprika sauce

  • Beef rouladen

    Beef rouladen

    Tender slice of USDA-certified choice beef rolled with gherkin, carrots, celery and mustard with a rich red wine beef gravy

  • Grilled pork chop

    Grilled pork chop

    With apple, currants & onion gravy

  • German Sides

  • Potato dumplings

    Potato dumplings

  • Potato pancakes

    Potato pancakes

  • Spätzle


  • German Desserts

  • Apple strudel

    Apple strudel

  • Black Forest cake

    Black Forest cake

  • Sacher torte

    Sacher torte