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Be sure to ask your server about our daily specials!

    • Starters

    • Hungarian goulash soup with späetzle

      Hungarian goulash soup with späetzle


      This classic hearty soup is loaded with beef, potatoes & peppers with the added bonus of späetzle.

    • Loaded Bavarian potato soup

      Loaded Bavarian potato soup


      With chunks of potato & bacon, finished with cheddar cheese & scallions

    • Cowboy beer'n'bean chili with Monterey Jack cheese & tortilla strips

      Cowboy beer'n'bean chili with Monterey Jack cheese & tortilla strips


      Made with beef, bison & cactus

    • Giant 10 oz. imported pretzel from Munich

      Giant 10 oz. imported pretzel from Munich


      Measure 10 inches across, served with sweet and Düsseldorf-style mustard for dipping
      Add warm craft beer cheese dip - $13
      Load it up: add salami, Black Forest ham, Gruyere cheese, pickles and olives - $19

    • Hildesheimer liverwurst on pumpernickel

      Hildesheimer liverwurst on pumpernickel


      Served with red onions and cornichons

    • Fried brie & lingonberries

      Fried brie & lingonberries


      Fingers of brie cheese breaded with almonds & fried, accompanied by seasonal fruit

    • Three potato pancakes

      Three potato pancakes


      Served with applesauce & lingonberries

    • Käsespätzle



      Tasty homemade German spätzle tossed with bacon, onions & Gruyere cheese, then baked
      Add sliced brats - $13

    • German fries

      German fries


      French fries topped with shredded sauerbraten, gravy & melted Gruyere cheese

    • Caesar salad

      Caesar salad


      With grilled chicken - $9

    • Garden Salad

      Garden Salad


      With tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & croutons with your choice of dressing: white balsamic zinfandel, ranch or bleu cheese
      With grilled chicken - $9

    • Beer Hall Burgers

      8-oz. certified Angus prime beef served with french fries. You can also opt for German fries for an additional $4.50.

    • Pilsner



      a classic cheeseburger with white & yellow American cheeses

    • Queen Bee

      Queen Bee


      topped with cheddar, pecanwood smoked bacon & BBQ sauce

    • Brat burger

      Brat burger


      bratwurst, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese &   pecanwood smoked bacon on a pretzel bun

    • Mad Bavarian

      Mad Bavarian


      built with lettuce & tomato, potato pancake, burger, fried pickles, Munster cheese & another potato pancake

    • Sandwiches & Platters

    • Bavarian wurst sampler platter

      Bavarian wurst sampler platter


      (for full descriptions, please see Wurst Heaven section) Bratwurst, knackwurst, krainerwurst & jalapeño cheddar bratwurst served with sauerkraut & homemade German potato salad

    • Little Bavarians

      Little Bavarians


      eight mini pretzel slider rolls filled with sliced brats, Swiss cheese & bacon

    • Creamy smoked Gouda macaroni & cheese bites

      Creamy smoked Gouda macaroni & cheese bites


      served with BBQ & churrasco dipping sauces

    • Chicken fingers & French fries

      Chicken fingers & French fries

    • Buffalo chicken wings (one dozen)

      Buffalo chicken wings (one dozen)


      served mild (dry), medium (hot sauce) or hot (extra hot sauce) with bleu cheese dipping sauce & veggies.  Also available: Thai sweet chili sauce & chipotle orange barbecue sauce


    • Bauerntoast



      sliced roast pork on rye bread with creamy mushroom sauce, crispy onions & pecanwood smoked bacon

    • Beer Hall Wurst Heaven

      all platters are served with two wursts, sauerkraut & homemade German potato salad, any substitution of jalapeño cheddar bratwurst - $1 extra

    • Bratwurst



      its mild flavor and texture come from a mixture of finely chopped pork seasoned with nutmeg, mace & various other spices

    • Knackwurst



      snappy, short & plump sausage made from finely chopped pork & veal, highly seasoned

    • Krainerwurst



      our premier smoked sausage made from beef & pork

    • Jalapeño cheddar bratwurst

      Jalapeño cheddar bratwurst


      coarse-ground, lightly smoked and mixed with natural cheddar cheese and fresh jalapeño peppers

    • Frankfurters



      this popular favorite is made with pork & beef, plump and juicy with a mild well-rounded flavor

    • Specialties

    • Sauerbraten



      braised beef in a sweet & tangy gravy served with potato dumplings & red cabbage

    • Jäger schnitzel

      Jäger schnitzel


      Pan-seared (not breaded) veal cutlet demi glace with sliced mushrooms & chanterelles

    • Champignon rahmschnitzel

      Champignon rahmschnitzel


      breaded, fried veal cutlet topped with a white mushroom cream sauce

    • Beer-battered cod fillets

      Beer-battered cod fillets


      served with homemade German potato salad & tartar sauce

    • Panko-crusted fried shrimp

      Panko-crusted fried shrimp


      served with tartar sauce and homemade German potato salad

    • Wiener schnitzel

      Wiener schnitzel


      Breaded, fried veal cutlet served with lingonberries & lemon

    • Desserts

    • Apfelstrudel



      the most famous dessert you must try – flaky pastry layers with apples, cinnamon, butter & sugar.
      A la mode - $8


    • Schwärzwälder kirschtorte

      Schwärzwälder kirschtorte


      traditional Black Forest chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream
      A la mode - $8

    • Baron Over the Alps

      Baron Over the Alps


      vanilla ice cream with vodka & Oreo cookie crumbs

    • Eisbaer



      vanilla ice cream with Bärenjäger honey liqueur

    • Vanilla or chocolate ice cream

      Vanilla or chocolate ice cream