Laura C., New Hyde Park, NY 1/14/14

Wait, how have I not reviewed this place, I really thought I did, how embarrassing!

The first time I went was over the summer 2013. My friend and I ventured out because I heard there was some sort of Bavarian folk fest. We had one of the best nights ever, and neither of us have Germanic ancestry and we still were invited to take part in the revelry. I love when people open their arms wide to you.

Plattduetsche may be Long Island's best kept secret. The restaurant looks small from the outside but had rooms big enough for 300+ wedding parties. I went to an event here in the fall 2013 where buffet was served and pushing aside my disdain for buffet food, I tried it. Thank goodness I did because it was really good buffet-styled food.

Venture behind the restaurant and you have an outdoor beer garden and their brand new ski-lodge inspired beer hall. The beer hall is my most favorite place ever in our area. It smells like fresh wood, has high ceilings, plenty of sitting space, fantastic German beers (this is the only place I've found that has my beloved Krombacher Dark!) The food served there is different from the restaurant as it is more bar inspired but it is delicious as well. The first time I had the Brat Burger. Pretzel bun, bratwurst, bacon, and some other goodies mixed in for a recipe of pure success.

The second time I ate there, I had the frankfurters. I'm not used to eating hot dogs without buns, but I enjoyed these. Especially the sauerkraut. Darn good!

We chatted with a bartender who informed us they are reworking the menu and going to incorporate some of my faves that I sampled at an event in the fall. Such as the mac and cheese bites. If I were to be on death sentence I'd ask for them as my last meal. That good.

The beer hall is open Friday, Saturday, & Sundays. They have live music, play all the big games, and it's just a great, fantastic, time.

Alexandra M., Town of Islip, NY 3/1/14

Alexandra M., Town of Islip, NY 3/1/14

So many beers awesome wings and cheese dip beautifully designed back bar love this place!

Kat L., Seaford, NY 11/22/13

This place is a Franklin Square staple, and now that they have the new beer hall, I can't wait to see how it will transform the area.  Food is top-notch, beer is awesome, and the grounds are crazy.  Looking forward to spending a LOT of time here in the future!

StephC., New Hyde Park, NY, 10/26/13

Have been to Plattduetsche Park Restaurant many years ago when I attended a sweet 16. Years later the place looks great.. the food was outstanding and i tried for the first time Krombacher Dark and it was great... Usually I prefer cider beers and fruity wines, but this beer was great!!

The staff was very sweet and attentive.

Some of my favorite  foods I ate are . the macaroni and cheese bites amazing;  I loved the pretzel bun with bacon and cheese. The spaetzle was great and the red cabbage I need that recipe or something that gets me close to it.. it didn’t even taste like cabbage!

I learned some great fun facts about the reconstruction and addition to the building how the tables were made from a bowling alley they discovered while building.

He mentioned the older men of the club would talk about coming to the place to bowl but never saw any proof...  Well they found proof and what a Way to reuse some classic findings. I told the GM Matt that the woodwork reminded me of Oktoberfest up in Hunter Mountain. He said they got their architecture ideas from different places all throughout Germany. Really nice authentic look!

Pat C., Hempstead, NY 7/15/13

I have been here many times through the years and can't believe that I have not written a review. This is by far the best and most authentic German food you will find in Nassau County. I was in Munich last month and the first weekend I was back home I came here and it did not disappoint. Whether you are eating at the bar or in the dining room you are sure to be served a good meal by a very courteous staff. All the dishes are excellent and if you are dying for an authentic German pretzel this is the place. They actually import them from Germany. Only thing I missed on the menu after being in Munich was bread dumplings. Prost!

Elizabeth K., Franklin Square, NY 6/23/13

I really love this place.  I tried the new menu, fried pickles are amazing as well as the mac and cheese bites.  They also have a beer brewed just for them which i thought was really cool and it was really good as well.   I cant wait for the new building Biergarten to open in the back, beer, music, great food and great staff.  I really like the bartender Sean, friendly and super cute, ill come back just for him.

Billy Luzzi:
We got married here and every time we come back we say how it is our absolute favorite place. The service is second to none, the food is incredible, and the atmosphere is great. The new beer hall is amazing. The Plattduetsche is hands down the best restaurant/catering hall/establishment on Long Island. If you haven't been there, you're missing out... get there soon.

Food Rating: 5 Star(s)

Service Rating: 5 Star(s)

Ambiance Rating: 5 Star(s)

Value Rating: 5 Star(s)

Overall Rating: 5 Star(s)

Peter Mcgoey:
Best German food anywhere ! A must try ! Thanks Matt

Food Rating: 5 Star(s)

Service Rating: 5 Star(s)

Ambiance Rating: 5 Star(s)

Value Rating: 5 Star(s)

Overall Rating: 5 Star(s)

Marty Weinbaum:
I love coming to the restaurant. It is a favorite place for us.

Food Rating: 5 Star(s)

Service Rating: 5 Star(s)

Ambiance Rating: 3.5 Star(s)

Value Rating: 4 Star(s)

Overall Rating: 4.375 Star(s)

Greg Sarne:
Food was excellent as well as the service! Thank you

Food Rating: 5 Star(s)

Service Rating: 5 Star(s)

Ambiance Rating: 5 Star(s)

Value Rating: 5 Star(s)

Overall Rating: 5 Star(s)

The most AUTHENTIC German food I have had in the NY Metro area... makes me miss Mom's food :) yes, this place is approved by the German girl ;)

And finally a place that doesn't reduce Germany to Bavaria - they actually have some great Northern German dishes on the menu. Thank you :D

Taso C., New York NY on Yelp


The outdoor biergarten is the highlight of Plattduetsche!

We went here last year for their Oktoberfest celebration with friends. To say we had a great time is an understatement! The food, the games, vendors and endless rounds of beer made leisurely spending the day at Plattduetsche a memorable experience.

I hope to return this fall!

Lauren T., Princeton, NJ on Yelp


My father has been coming here for a long time. I've recently been incorporated into the group of guys, here, and so I stop by every now and again.

First off, the bar atmosphere is better than most I've ever been to, and I hate bars. I normally would never go to a bar unless I'm meeting a friend or I'm watching a musician that I know. I've never enjoyed the atmosphere. The usuals here are really nice, though. I've sort of taken to them. The staff is very nice, too.

Second, the food is actually really good. They have a full restaurant dining hall, and the food is just delicious. Lots of genuine German dishes, and even their snack foods at the bar are great! Friday night is wing night, for $0.15 per wing. Get them medium with hot sauce on the side and they come really crispy and blistering hot (temperature-wise). Another great "snack" food they serve is the German pretzel. It's HUGE. About 8" across, 6" tall, and over an inch thick, this thing is hardly a "snack." And it's way better than any pretzel you'll get off the street carts in Manhattan. It comes with three different dipping sauces, one of them is a sort of cheese sauce (I've only had a taste, since I'm allergic to cow's milk.), one is a savorable dark honey mustard, and the other is a delightfully mouth-kicking horseradish mustard.

All-in-all, the place is just great. They have a wonderful selection of food and drink, and the atmosphere is pretty nice, no matter what time you go. Hope to see you down at the Platt!!

Vincent D., East Rockaway, NY on Yelp


So, I've been to this place a few times and each time it is fantastic.

I was able to go yesterday which made my tastebuds very happy. The Biergarten was not open, but the restaurant was. We sat at the bar watching the Mets game and started off with some beer. Hofbrau lager for me. I cannot get enough of that stuff. Any place that carries it automatically earns a return trip.

We started with the Bavarian pretzel with awesome mustard and a cheese/bacon sauce. That was followed by the potato pancakes and apple sauce. The apps were so delicious that I needed at least a half hour before I could think about dinner.

For dinner I had the Westphalian Schnitzel. Veal with ham and swiss. So yummy! It came with a wonderful spaetzle and the best red cabbage I've ever had. Mom, I ate all my cabbage! We finished off dinner with a shot of apple schnapps. I cannot wait to go back.

Devin L., Yonkers, NY on Yelp


This is a great Long Island restaurant. The food is delish and the service is great. You would almost think you were in NYC!!

We had the Bavarian pretzel as an appetizer. It comes with beer cheese (delish), sweet mustard (amazing) and a brown mustard (a little spicy for me, but the hubby loved it). The one pretzel was enough for me, the hubby and my two girls - which is a lot, because my 15 month old eats more than most truck drivers!

I had the schnitzel with ham and cheese. It came with red cabbage and spaetzle. It was great - especially when I put some of the honey mustard that came with my daughter's chicken fingers. The hubby had the schnitzel with capers, anchovies and egg (sunny side up). Was super delicious. His also came with red cabbage and spaetzle. My other daughter had a burger which looked really good.

For dessert, the girls had vanilla ice cream and the hubby and I shared the German apple donuts with caramel sauce. Oh. my. God. They were just amazing! The dough was firm and chewy and the apples had a delicious hint of tartness.

The service was great. The waitresses were friendly and helpful. The hostess was also very nice and accommodating. The bathrooms were very clean with a very nice infant's changing table. We will definitely come back.

Jaimee A., Manhattan, NY on Yelp


Came here on a Friday night in early June. It was our first time and we had not read too many reviews so we were kind of unsure about the dining area or Biergarten. So we heard music playing and made our way to the Biergarten. They had a live band playing and covering mostly 70s-80s songs and some newer ones. They have waitress service back there, so sit down at one of the picnic tables and one will come over to you. The food selection in the Biergarten is limited (while be back to sample the dining room) but still very good. I had a leberkase sandwich on a pretzel bun and it was awesome. Only wished they had some more German options back there. The beer was great and they also had a few Jaegermeister girls handing out free shots.

We'll be back again to hang out in the back but too also try out the restaurant. Great vibe, good band, surprisingly kid friendly (just cover their eyes when the shot girls walk around) and they also had a TV outside.

Fabian C., Bayside Hills, NY on Yelp

Warm people and terrific German food. Very kid-friendly too. Love it.

Jeff R., Manhattan, NY on Yelp

Great German beers and food. If you’re German, you'll feel right at home. Great for large parties since they have huge banquet rooms.

Eric M., Culver City, CA on Yelp

Ompahfest Today! What a great experience. German bands, German food, German beer, doesn't get any better!

I love this place. I always have a great time here. I'm not just saying that because of the beer. This is THE absolute place to come after the Steuben Day Parade, all of the bands from Germany perform here. The atmosphere is amazing.

The beer is great and the crowd is friendly. I highly recommend coming down any time the beer garden is open. Bring your friends, it's even better.

Definitely two thumbs up from me.

Randy H., Albertson, NY on Yelp

We dined at the restaurant after attending the holiday market held on the grounds. The whole complex is HUGE, with a large main building, numerous out buildings in the back, and sports fields.
The restaurant is a meat-fest, as you would imagine it would be. The food was filling and welcome in the cold weather. Roasted meats, potatoes, noodles, and cabbage in many formats and varieties. The don't miss: the hulk-sized pretzel and one of the many, many beers all served in their own branded glass.
Also, take a gander at the trophies from East Germany in the bar. The bartender is probably ex-Stazi.

Hana K., Great Neck, NY on Yelp

Excellent German food. The schnitzels were hanging of the plate. I had the roast pork shank. The skin was crackling crisp on the outside and the meat was fall of the bone inside. it was great. Everyone loved their side dishes. Spaetzle, red cabbage, kraut, dumplings, and potato pancakes were great. We happen to go when there was a German festival going on in the large hall. Ompah bands were playing and everyone was in traditional German garb. The event made us park 3 blocks away. They have a nice large bar to have a drink prior to dinner. They have at least 15 good quality German beers on tap. The specialty coffees and Black Forest cake for desert were very good.

Frankie V., Denver CO on Yelp

Google Reviews

Google reviews

May 2012

Biergarten Friday nights are the best way to start your summer weekends. They've got a good selection of German food, and live music, plus it's a family friendly atmosphere. I can't recommend them enough.

February 2012

Great for a relaxing and enjoyable meal .Food and staff make it well worth the trip.

February 2012

Great food, excellent service, fully recommend.


I had my wedding here about a year ago. The Grand Ball room was huge and fit all 400 of my guests comfortably. The food was amazing and everything came out in a timely matter. They really took care of my wife and I. I now return back to the Platt for dinner regularly and of course to hang out in their Beer Garden. Check out their website!

Anonymous on Yahoo

I want to thank you and the staff for the incredible food I served at my Oktoberfest this weekend. All of my guests loved it!!
It caused my parents, who are in their late 70s, to reminisce about going dancing at a beer garden back in the 1940s and 50s. My father remembered the name of the place suddenly; it was the Plattduetsche! It was a lovely coincidence and it made the food extra special.

We are looking forward to visiting the Plattduetsche together in the near future.

- Thanks again! Patsy Lester

Just a quick salute to say great ideas for the World Cup games, the new "beer club" and the new selection of t-shirts for sale--it again shows that you guys always stay creative and dynamic -- we regular customers already appreciate how special the "Platt" is--- and with these latest innovations, plus the "Buzz" itself, the consistently great food, the new lineup of bands (especially W. Stories) and of course, the steady and impressive professionalism of all the employees, it makes for a great time every time we visit--kudos to Matt, Val, Debbie, Eddie, Sean and everybody involved in making the"Plattduetsche (my kids call it "the Beehive place!") such a special and fun place to be!

- Thanks, Joe K.

Derek and the entire wait staff were excellent. They accommodated our every need. And the food was outstanding! Everyone raved about it. Thank you for making our event truly memorable.

- Leo Schimoler

Exceptional quality of food and service.

- Nicholas Smith

Both my wife and I found this lovely gem in the rough to exceed our expectations in just about every regard. We were so happy to have finally visited and eaten there. We will definitely return not only for the excellent food and beverages, but some of the gala events that they sponsor there.

Thanks- Lawrence Hill

I first visited your establishment when a dear friend was ordained a number of years ago and had her affair here. Since then I have found several friends who have discovered that they love the food, service and your wonderful park. We seem to be making this a fairly regular Friday affair with the added blessing of introducing more and more of our friends to your wonderful restaurant. We have always enjoyed the food and company to the very upmost. Thank you for your hospitality and extraordinary food!!!

- Roxanne E. Toomey

The food was amazing, and had a great server, very funny!

- Karyn O'Neill

Very enjoyable and will be back again. The certificate was a great bonus for us.

- Marissa

Service and food were outstanding.

- Richard Lepsis

Dear Valerie:

I would like to thank you and your wait staff for a successful New Year's Eve party. The food was excellent and served on time. You had a friendly and courteous wait staff that served the food in a very professional manner.

Good food, friendly service and good music are the three ingredients for a good party, your responsibility were the first two ingredients. From the beginning to the end you tried very hard to make the party a success.

We had absolutely no complaints; everybody was satisfied and had a good time. If our guests are happy and have a good time, they will come back.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope we can do it again. Thanks again for your cooperation.

Klaus Schoenfeld, Treffpunkt Berlin

Dear Matthew:

Once again, the members of the Franklin Square Historical Society wish to thank you for enabling us to have a most successful annual dinner. The ballroom was most attractive, the food service was prompt and without a hitch, the dinners were delicious, the staff was most professional and they did a great job! All in all, it was a most enjoyable evening and we thank you for helping to make it so. We look forward to next year.

We also are grateful for your generous donation of a certificate for dinner for two. Many thanks for your continued support.

Elizabeth McIsaac, Vice President

To everyone at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant:

Just wanted to say thank you for your hospitality on June 1; the food was good, the beer was good, Die Schlauberger were good and the guest Gemütlichkeit was excellent! But, of course, this is always the case!

See you soon,
Carol Heise

Dear Matt, Val and the staff at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant:

The Schmitt, Owen and Pecchio families wish to thank all of you for your unexpected and exceptional generosity. The extremely welcomed efforts that you and the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant afforded our families in our time of personal loss and sorrow far, far exceeded anything we as a family could have imagined. Your staff served us in the most professional, courteous and pleasant manner that we could have asked for. Everything the chef and kitchen prepared and served was excellent.

The sorrow of the passing of our mom, grandmother and great grandmother was surely softened by the overwhelming hospitality extended to all of us. We collectively as a family can't thank you enough.

Thank you ever so much,
John V. & Jean Schmitt

Dear Valerie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful service you and your staff provided at our 25th anniversary celebration. Your attention to details, obtaining the Asti Spumonti and picture-taking really added that personal touch.

It's been a pleasure doing business with the staff at the Plattduetsche. We will recommend it to our friends and surely dine there again. Everyone raved about the food. Thank you again, and to Matt and John as well.

Tom & Marianne Patrick

Dear Matt, John & staff:

My sisters and I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude towards everyone involved in making our father's retirement party an extremely successful event. Your staff was the epitome of professionalism and honored every request and for that we are grateful. Matt and John, your help throughout the planning process was wonderful. The two of you answered every question with a smile no matter how repetitive they were. Hope another event comes up where we can do business again.

Michael Rauh

Dear Matt:

Just wanted to thank you for making the Friday dinner for the German-American School a real success. The entire setting was very festive; it was a real joy to see that everybody had their food within a half-hour, which must have been a challenge considering that we had over 150 people in the room, many of whom were children.

People commented in a positive fashion on the food, the service - and everybody was content. I certainly appreciated that you called the tables up personally, that was a nice touch. It also left me some time to chat with many parents.

Thank you again for your contribution to a pleasant evening.

Best regards and a Frohe Weihnachten,
Dr. Beitter, Principal

Dear Matt:

Would like to commend you all for the delicious and wonderful food that was ordered from your restaurant this past Sunday morning as "take-out catering." A number of different dishes were ordered and all our guests at the party were completely satisfied and all offered many complimentary remarks.

Everything was completely in order and rest assured that if another party has to be made in the near future, Plattduetsche Park will be the one we will be calling.

Thanks again for the good service!

Very truly yours,
Amedeo & Waltraut Mantone

To everyone at the Plattduetsche:

We want to thank you for your excellent service. Our wedding was beautiful. The room was so pretty, the food was great. All of our guests told us the food was amazing. From beginning to end all of our requests were met.

We will definitely come back for future parties. Once again, thank you so much!

Peter & Laura Schneider

Dear Matthew:

Thank you so much for making our special day perfect! Everything was excellent and we received nothing but compliments regarding the reception. You made our day even more special.

Kevin & Cynthia

Dear Matt & staff:

Thank you for making our wedding so memorable. Everything was just beautiful. The food and service were terrific. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Linda & Ritchie